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Teairra Mari sat down with GlobalGrindTV and discussed her relationship with Ray J, what’s going on between her and Hazel E, new music and who she’s working with for the album. Check out the interview clip below:

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The first episode premiered last night to mixed reviews, but one thing’s for sure–Teairra and Ray are the standout characters of the bunch. Their unsettled romance is the crux of the new “LHHH” season. Teairra easily established herself as the feisty one–throwing drinks at fist at Ray’s current girlfriend Princess Love. If you can’t tell–they don’t get along.

Teairra’s rage seems to stem from a scorned place and we can’t blame her–if we held a man down for damn near 10 years, then he moved to another woman (and moved the chick in our space on top of our belongings), we’d be ready to snatch some wigs too.

We caught up with Teairra in anticipation of the premiere episode to catch her thoughts on the season. Find out what she had to say about it, below:

HelloBeautiful: You get into a physical altercation with Ray J, can you explain what happened?

Teairra Mari: He pissed me off to the point of return. He kept being disrespectful and I exploded. He poked and poked and poked and I took it for a while.

HB: How do you sum up you and Ray’s relationship?

TM: It’s nothing now. This has totally destroyed any possibly of it ever being anything again. We were together off and on for a span of 9 years. I loved him to death, I even had his name tattooed on me. I loved him with all my heart. It went pretty deep. He’s always that one that I would always go back to.

HB: Nine years is a long time, you were around through all of his other relationships?

TM: I wasn’t around then [when he was with Kim Kardashian]. I think he was f*cking with her when he was f*cking with me, You know creeping around–but I wasn’t there for their relationship. I was there when he signed on to do “For The Love Of Ray J”–that’s when we broke up the first time.

HB: What about Ray kept you so in love?

TM: I don’t know. We were off and on. So, certain things I did not tolerate–I left. He has a nice charisma. He’s cute and he’s affectionate. When I was in love I was just in love. I don’t feel like that anymore.

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Come party upclose & personal with Teairra Mari on September 20th in Charlotte, NC!!


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Read below to find out what Teairra most regrets during the show, what she’s over the most and of course, what designer she wore to the premiere:

Bella: Hey beauty. We met very briefly in the elevator and now here we are again.

Teairra Mari: Nice to meet you again too.

Bella: I’ve been a fan of your music for a long time now, but I never got a chance to catch you on Love & Hip-Hop New York. However, after watching the season premier of this new show (Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood), one of the things that really stood out to me is how open you were. Wearing your heart on your sleeve and admitting that you’re still in love with someone showcases that you’re not afraid to be vulnerable. Was that difficult for you to do or are you just naturally open with your feelings?

TM: Well that’s where I was at that moment and you know, now I’m not there anymore. Still its hard to watch that because I’m not there anymore but when I was there, I was in it.

Bella: In general, are you usually the type to say whatever comes to your mind?

TM: I’m like that when I’m in that moment. When I’m at that point in my life where I’m like okay, I’m going to give my all to this person, yes absolutely, I’m like that. But when I’m over it, I’m over it. This show was shot months ago and that was just something that I had to relive.

Bella: Now that you’ve seen yourself (on the show) for the first time, what do you think is the main thing – or moment – that you’re going to be so over yet people keep asking about?

TM: I think everything that has to do with Ray J and his girlfriend are going to be the main things that I’m like, OMG I have to relive this shit and I don’t want to cause I’m over it.

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VladTV caught up with Love & Hip Hop L.A. star Teairra Mari, who opened up about her ex-boyfriend Ray J’s new girlfriend who goes by the name of Queen Princess Love.

Vlad asked the singer about Queen Princess putting up photos of feminine hygiene products that she claimed were Teairra’s on Instagram. She responded by saying that the incident led to her hitting Ray J’s girl in the face with a drink, and Teairra says she’d do it again.

The conversation closed with the “Body” singer saying that she’s focusing on a more positive outlook for life, except when it comes to Princess Love, who she warned would get “bopped in the face” again.