Credit Section

On Behalf of the staff here at we would like to thank the following people who have helped to make all of this possible.

Adorz & Tania – without the help of you two we would never have gotten our domain & have become as successful as we have gotten. And thank you Tania for kindly sending us photos to fill our gallery with!

Veronica – My Co-Web where do I even begin; we have had our ups & downs since day one when we started Teairra Fans just as a forum & after all we have been through look at how far we have come! I’m proud to have you on my team.

Jansa – For putting in hours of work coding the site & helping us with getting the site up & running your work & talents are much appreciated.

KeKe – We thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to lend us a helping hand when needed.

Jasmin – without you it would be hard to keep everything in order. We know how much time you spent helping us and besides running your own cams website you didn’t refused to help, we appreciate all the help with marketing you provided. We value your time as we know you are a really busy person.

George – For all of your time to help us with the web coding and helping us to set up the whole site when we almost thought everything we worked for was gone. We also want to thank you for all of the content you have offered us such as videos and rare photos. Your skills and hard work are very much appreciated.

Bella – it is you & your people at Fo’ Reel Ent. that have helped make our dream become a reality & we thank you guys for putting your trust in us when it comes to helping promote Teairra.

Gianni & Raheem (Spoonz Music Group Inc.)-You guys are simply AMAZING! Veronica & I are truly at a lost for words you guys have been so GREAT to us over these past few months & we here at owe you a lot as you both have contributed a lot to our success of the site no words can explain just how grateful we are that you have chosen to work along side us to help us become bigger & better as a whole.

Because we know for a fact that without you guys we would not be where we are today & that’s REAL you both have believed in us since day 1 of us working together as a team & took us seriously and that there means a lot to us.

We are honored/blessed to have you both a part of the family & just know this is just the beginning of what’s to come.

Teairra – For being the inspiration she is to have even made this possible & we appreciate and thank you for being a loyal visitor of our site. We’re honored!

& last but not least to our loyal TF forum members who have stuck with us through everything that has happened. You guys are simply the best we couldn’t have asked for anything better!