TF’s Exclusive Interview

Hey Teairra, TeairraFans & #TeamTeairra thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us! Lets get started:

TF: There was a video clip floating around the internet that you’re back working with Sean Garrett again for your new album, what’s that like?

*** Sean and I haven’t started working just yet! We happened to both be in the same studio in Miami,

we talked about working together on this project!! We shall see:)

TF: Have you thought of what to name your sophomore album?

*** I answered this in the video drop I did for! The answer is still the same LOL!

TF: Besides Rico Love, who else have you worked with on the new album?

*** As of now Rico is the only person I’ve worked with on the album! Its going SOOOO good!

TF: Producer Timbaland reached out to you via twitter a while ago; how did that feel to have one of the best in the industry reaching out to you?

*** It felt GREAT!!! I have always loved Timberland, esp. the work he did on Aaliyah!

TF: A lot of artists today take their talent overseas (ex. Kelly Rowland). Is that something you have thought about doing?

*** Yes of course! I’ve done some shows overseas and the reception is always amazing! I LOVE Germany!

TF: Outside of music & acting do you see yourself venturing out into maybe doing a clothing line or opening your own store in the future?

*** Like a lot of women I’m a shoe MANIAC, so if I were to venture into fashion it’d def be a shoe line!

TF: What’s the craziest rumour you heard about yourself?

*** HMMMMM so many lol! A few years ago I heard that I had a daughter named Naveh! HA! Yes they made up a name and all!!!

TF: Choose 3 artists you’d like to work with?

*** Pharrell

Eminem (DETROIT);)


And finally here are some questions from your fans from, twitter & facebook:

Tom: What happened to your deal between Violator and Interscope?

*** Honestly IDK! It was suppose to be finalized (interscope deal) and everything just didn’t fall thru! I left

Violator, we just didn’t have the same vision! I love them tho!

John: How did you end up at Warner Brothers records?

*** I was grinding on my own, just making music and putting it out there, and they reached out

to me and my team!!

Emman: What do you have in stores for 2011? When is your album coming out and will there be a tour to follow?

*** Well Of course I plan to release the album! I don’t have a choice but to go on tour! I have to get out there and promote it:)!

Jordan: What made you do another mixtape before the album comes out?

*** I gave a great answer to this question on the video drop as well! 🙂 )

Will: We all know you have a fantastic singing voice, but you’ve also experimented a little with rapping on your remix songs like “Over”, “Turnin Me Off” and “O Lets Do It”. Is this something you’ve considered doing even more off and on your own songs as a way of separating yourself from other R&B females in the game?”

*** HAAAA! I am NOT a rapper even tho my flow is nice;)! I don’t really “THINK” into it,

if I’m recording a song and it feels like i should “spit something nyce” (lmao) then I do it!

Ms.Spicy: Well I wanted to know are you gonna do a music video for Round and Round? Because that was the best ballad you ever wrote and I’m so in love with that joint and I’m happy with your success plus I’m a true fan since La La lol n u killed in Girl Power n that song motivated me so much in my education 🙂

*** AWW thanks sweetie, Im glad u digg the songs!! I’m done shooting videos to the songs on “The night b4

X-mas”!! We have new and great things coming up, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy:)

S: What is your camp doing differently this time to ensure a release date for the album?

*** We focus on one thing at a time! Right now that is creating the album! I’m in no rush to “throw” my album out! When it’s done and everyone on the teaM is happy we will get a release date:))

Ronny: Teairra will we finally be getting a Trey Songz duet on this album & another collabo w/ Nicki?

*** I absolutely hope so on both!! Me and Trey are friends and I’m sure that won’t be hard!:)

Chris: Are there any other film projects that you’re working on?

*** Right now I’m working on a “Musical-esq film” with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Kahlifa called “HIGH School”

(pun intended) lol!! I play a young substitute teacher! Its going great and its hilarious!!! 🙂

TeamTM: What do you think of the new europop sound that everybody is doing right now? And would we ever get hear you try on the europop sound a la David Guetta?

*** Yes!!! I’ve experimented with it in the past one of my faves is “I Know Its U” off of

my “PONR” mixtape!! 🙂

Shatondra: Will you consider working with Rich Harrison, the producer on your album?

*** Absolutely!!:)

Jay: If you could do a song with anyone who has died in the past 20 years, who would it be?

*** Michael Jackson, Tupac, or Bob Marley!!

Kandi: What is you’re vision as an artist & what would you want you’re legacy to be?

*** My vision is to inspire ppl to know& go after their dreams, and know that NOTHING is unrealistic! I want

to remember me for being a talented& resilient woman who gave back! 🙂

TF: We thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us Teairra! It’s been an honor. Do you have any final words for all your fans?

*** I LOVE and THANK u guys so much for supporting me & being individual, when majority were against me u guys road with/for me! When they catch on they’ll be following ur lead! MUAH! <3