interviews Teairra Mari had the pleasure of sitting down with cast member and singer Teairra Mari to get the scoop on what’s ahead, how she’s reviving her music career and her current status with ex-boyfriend, Ray J. What made you want to do “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood?”

Teairra Mari: What made me want to do the show? Well, first of all, me and Hazel E, we went out onto the balcony one day, when we were living together, and she was just like ‘T, you need to call Mona [Scott-Young] and see if she wants to bring ‘Love & Hip Hop’ to Hollywood.’ So she was like let’s see if she’ll come here and do “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” and I was like ‘oh ok, well…’ so we just put it all together and we listed all the people that we would like to see on there. Half of the people that we listed are on the cast, including Masika [Tucker], Yung Berg, Ray J, Fizz. And they came and started doing interviews and moved on from there. Given your history with Ray J why have him on the show?

TM: Well Hazel was the one who mentioned Ray J since she knew my history and she was like you’re gonna have to be real. Hazel didn’t even wanna be a part of the show. She wasn’t doing this for her. She did push me into leading the pack and I appreciate her for that, that’s why I was surprised we fell out. What’s your relationship with Hazel like now?

TM: Well, you know. I don’t know. We haven’t talked in a while but there’s a sisterhood there and there will always be a sisterhood there and there will always be love. We’re just gonna have to see where God takes that relationship. Speaking of your relationships with certain cast members. How are you and Sincere?

TM: I respect him; I was just confused as to why he wasn’t respecting me all the way. He apologized and I accepted his apology so I have to move forward. It’s not on the show, but in real life we both apologized.